Tatiana Bergman views life through a different lens than others in rural Pennsylvania in the 1840's. She says and does what she likes as her passionate, impulsive behavior confounds her sisters and appalls her peers.

Life only gets more complicated when Tatiana befriends Jonny Creek, a mischievous young man whose Native American blood puts him on the fringes of society. She struggles to subdue her wild spirit and keep her heart pure while wrestling with conceited school mates and her own selfish nature.

A few years later as a mature and confident young woman, Tatiana finds herself in a battle of her will between two young men, and the God she serves.

"The character's were wonderfully written and very believable." --Goodreads Reviewer

"I recommend Tatiana as the first of a series that I will greatly enjoy reading." --Goodreads Reviewer

"Can't wait to read more by Madeline Brock!" --Goodreads Reviewer

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...Madeline Brock does a phenomenal job of getting into the mind of the main character who cannot speak. She researched the region well and depicts various levels of society with vivid realism. This book is an entertaining read, but also provides keen insight into lives of disadvantaged and disabled persons..." --Reader's Favorite review
Indeed, Brimley End seemed to be hell's doormat. Taverns, brothels, and gambling dens lined both sides of the narrow road. Prone bodies of unfortunate souls lay either unconscious, dead, or somewhere between the two. Lights glowed from smoky interiors of businesses staying open late into the night and catering to every licentious lust of the flesh man might possess. The sounds of raucous music, drunken singing, and noisy fighting assaulted our ears.
The three of us stuck close together. A scream came from the building on our left and I reached fearfully for Darby's hand. Darby swallowed. "Where is this place, Jim?"

Malchus is mute, and abandoned by his alcoholic father. Scared and hungry—he scrounges and begs to survive.

Four years later a storm brings him into the crude shelter of two orphans—accomplished con men...and thieves. Darby, the charismatic leader, and Jim, his sidekick, welcome Malchus into their band.

Danger lurks in every shadow—from murderous gang leaders…to even his own father. Kind people extend to Malchus faith and hope...while he struggles to free himself from the curse of his past.

In this sequel to Tatiana (Upward Way Chronicles, Book One) author Madeline Brock takes you into the unsavory streets of old Philadelphiain—a quest for survival, acceptance—and redemption.

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