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Tatiana (Upward Way Chronicles, #1)

Tatiana (Book One)

“I enjoyed the old fashioned style of this story, since it does a wonderful job of giving off the 1800’s story vibe.” –Manda Jane
“There’s very much a “Louise May Alcott” vibe all through the book” –Patti Stephenson
“I appreciate a story where the author portrays her characters as people with high standards and Christian principles. –Althea Hillier
“Very clean and inspiring book. I enjoyed it so much. I wish all books were as this one…” –fergietwo
“I really enjoyed this moving, gentle romance and coming of age tale. It reminded me of Alcott’s ‘Little Women’ in the genuine innocence of the characters.” –Tamarlyn

Malchus (Book Two)

Madeline Brock is a gifted storyteller. Her mastery at telling a tale that is mixed with sadness, the ugliness of “man’s inhumanity to man” and the truth and grace of those who believe in God will have you turning the pages of her books with a hunger for more.” –Brenda R
“Madeline is an anointed storyteller and this one keeps people on edge until the end. With a “Charles Dickens-ish” approach to telling the story –Perfectly Blessed
“I really like the way MS Brock brings God into her characters lives and shows they have a choice whether to accept His love or not.” –Kindle Customer

Tobias (Book Three)

“Humor, excitement, and down to earth characters will keep your nose glued to the pages and you will not be able to put it down.” –DD Gott
“Author Madeline Brock is a storyteller. Through the author’s words, the reader travels alongside the multi-dimensional characters.” –D. Rupp